The Question Metadata in the Form App has changed.

  • For Yes/No, Single & Multi Choice the LABEL not shown as in the image.

  • For Single and Multi choice, though the default values are updated in the designer, the image in layout does not show the new values, it's always the default A,B,C,D. Shows the updated/ latest values in the layout.

  • For Form button, the name specified at the top during configuration is what is displayed on consumption. The Button Text does not work,  and the field has been removed in the Form button configuration.

  • Users can see a change in the Question Metadata, the Single choice icon in the properties page has the radio button and the icon is changed as shown in image below.


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Decimal - Form Field Type

Drawing Log - Form Field Type

Form Button - Form Field Type

File - Form Field Type

GPS/Map - Form Field Type

Integer - Form Field Type

Item Barcode - Form Field Type

Label - Form Field Type

Linked Field - Form Field Type

Last Updated: Oct-24-22