Work Category

‘Work Category’ is an additional feature in the ‘Add User’ page with which users can be categorized and also grouped and filtered. Also. this has been added as a column in the Users tab of the Project Team page.

Add Users Popup

'Add Users' page has  an additional column 'Work Category'. The values for this field will be fetched from the values added under Project name > Planner settings > Work categories.

1. Click on the '+' to open the 'Add New User' popup

2. A new field 'Work Category' will be displayed.

3. Click on the 'Work Category' field and the values will be fetched from the values added under ‘Project name> > Planner Settings > Work Categories'. It's an optional field.

4. Enter all mandatory fields and click on the 'Save' button. The new user is now added to the project.

Edit Users

Select a User and click on the ‘Edit’ button. The 'User Details' tab of the 'Edit Details' page will show the 'Work Category' field.

Project team - Work Category column

A new column 'Work Category'  is added to the User tab of the 'Project Team' page which displays the 'Work Category' set for individual users.

Device Screens

Tablet screens to ‘Add’ User and Project Team showing ‘Work Category’ field.


Project Team > Users Tab  tile showing ‘Work Category’ in the tile.

Last Updated: Jul-15-22