With Managing Certificates/Certifications from URL Users can Access and Manage their Certificates/Certifications via a Web Based URL Link that is accessible via Email sent to the User.

User Manages Safety Certificates/Certifications from URL

  • Safety Administrators have the option of Resending the 'Worker Registration' Email Notification to Workers by clicking on the 'Resend the Certification Link' in Certification Tab in User Details.

  • The 'Worker Registration' Email Contains a Link to a 'Manage Certificates/Certifications' URL Page where the User can Manage their Safety Certificates/Certifications.

  • Safety Admin or Admin clicks on the Resend the Certification Link button to Resend the 'Worker Registration' email to the Selected User.

  • Clicking on 'Resend Certification Link' from Project Team certifications tab, Will trigger a new notifications for the User to Manage Certifications, Clicking on the 'Certifications' link in the Email sends the user to the 'Manage Certificates/Certifications' URL page.

  • When a worker completes the registration from Safety Flyer, The Worker Registration will also have the View Certification link in the email.

  • The 'Manage Certificates/Certifications' URL page is as shown below.

  • Safety Manager Clicks on the Upload File button to Upload a File Certificate.

  • With the 'Upload File' Button Clicked, User will have the option of either Taking a Photo or Uploading a Certificate. User clicks on the 'Upload' option to Upload one or more Files.


  • In the Upload window, User Selects one or Many Files and clicks the Open button.

  • The Selected Images will show in the Upload Images Window. User has the option to Edit or Delete any of the Images. User clicks the 'DONE' Button to Upload the files

  • The Uploaded Files now Show in the File Thumbnail. Additionally, the 'Upload File' Button has now been updated to show as 'Reupload File'.

Group By

  • User Clicks on the 'Group By' option in the Search Bar to View the Grouping options.

  • The Group By options are as follows:
  • None - Default
  • Category - Group by User Category
  • Skills - Group by User Skills
  • Status - Group by Certified/Not Certified

Filter By

  • User Clicks on the 'Filter By' option in the Search Bar to View the Filter options.


  • The Group By options are as follows:
  • None - Default
  • Category - Filter by User Category
  • Skills - Filter by User Skills
  • Status - Filter by by Certified/Not Certified


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Last Updated: Feb-17-23