Access and Manage the ‘Safety Policies’ via a ‘Web Based URL Link’ that is accessible through an ‘Email’ sent to user. ‘Safety Administrators’ have the option of sending a 'Manage Safety Policy' email notification to workers by clicking on the 'Resend the Safety Policies Link' in the ‘Safety Policies’ tab in ‘User Details’.

  •  ‘Safety Admin’ or ‘Admin’ clicks on the 'Resend the Safety Policies Link' button to resend the 'Manage Safety Policies' email to the selected User.


  • Clicking on 'Resend the Safety Policies Link' from the ‘Project Team > Safety Policies’ tab, will trigger a new notification for the User to 'Manage Safety Policies'.
  • Clicking on the 'View Safety Policies' link in the email, redirects the user to the 'Manage Safety Policies' URL page.

  • The 'Manage Safety Policies' URL page is the same landing page to the 'New/Updated Policies' email notification. User can download or print policies from the URL as shown in the image below.



How to Upload Safety Policies

How to Enable Safety Policies

Safety Policies Folder in Drive

Safety Policies - Multi-Language File Support

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Last Updated: Dec-01-22