All Smart Items Search - Desktop

In Apps Mode, the Smartapp Search option has been replaced with the 'Smart Items' search option. Smart Item search will be default when ‘Apps Mode’ is launched. 

‘All Smart Items’ search:

1. In ‘Apps Mode’, User clicks on the ‘Search Bar’ caret to view options.

2. The ‘App Mode’ search options are as follows:

a. All Smart Items - (New) Default 

b. My Apps

c. Favorites

3. User clicks to select 'All Smart Items'.

4. User types in search, the Search Results will automatically update matching the search criteria.

5. The search results have to be across all the apps where the user has access to, including all of the metadata fields within the app.

6. The search results will have the following information:

a. App Icon

b. Smart Item Name

c. App Name

7. User clicks on a search result to open the selected Smart Item.

8. The selected Smart Item will now appear on the screen.

All Smart Items Search - Devices

On the Mobile and Tablet, the search bar option defaults to the New Smart Item search.

1. In Apps Mode, User taps on the search bar ‘Magnifying’ icon on a phone, which expands the search control and displays the watermark as "Search Smart Items'.

2. User taps the search control on a Tablet and will key in the search criteria required.


3. The Search Results will contain the following information:

a. App Icon

b. Smart Item Name

c. App Name

4. With a Smart Item selected, the Item will open full screen.

Barcode & BLE Scan - Devices

1.On devices, Users can either ‘Scan’ for ‘Barcode’ or use the ‘Toggle’ for BLE scan.

2. In Apps Mode, User taps on the ‘Barcode Icon’ to scan a Barcode. Its default wherein tapping on the icon will Invoke the standard Barcode scanner.

3. Once a valid Barcode is scanned, it will extract the Barcode value from the Barcode.

4. In the Search field, the Barcode will show as "Barcode: <Barcode Value>". The Smart Items Results will

shown based on the Barcode value. Basically, any Smart Item that has that Barcode Value in it will show in the search results.

5. User clicks on a Search Result to open that Smart Item.

BLE Scan

Users also have the option to search on devices by scanning for nearby BLE. The BLE results will show in the search bar as 'BLE Scan Results' and the search results will update based on nearby BLE tag values found in search results.

1. In Apps Mode, User taps on the ‘Down caret’ next to the ‘Barcode’ Icon to switch to BLE Search.

2. As soon as the user switches to BLE, User is displayed a toast shown as "Scanning for BLE..."

3. For BLE scanning, look for all the BLE tags near me, search Smartapps that has the BLE data stored and retrieve the matching Smart Items.

4. The search field will show a watermark as: "BLE Scan Results" with the Smart Items that have BLE Tag

values in them showing in the Search Results list. Performing a BLE Scan from Apps Mode, should exclude User associated BLE results.

5. User taps on a Search Result to view that Smart Item.

Barcode & BLE Scan in other areas on Devices

Any place on devices where we support barcode scanning, should show the Down Caret for the User to

Switch to BLE Scan.

Ex: one of the areas where we support barcode scan is from Item Search. So, the change would be next to the Barcode Search, we would show the Down Caret to allow you to switch to BLE.

Last Updated: Aug-04-22