Drive mode is a built-in document management system for each project which has a standard set of system generated folders. These system folders cannot be deleted.

 Schedule Folder in Drive

  • Double click on the ‘Schedule folder’ and then click on the + button at the bottom right.  Any number of Folders can be created within the Schedules Folder. 

Creating a New Schedule: 

  • Select the "New Schedule" option from the FAB button. A Schedule can be created by choosing from the recommended project templates or by selecting a blank template to start with.  Specify a Schedule Start Date and click on Save will load the Schedule Editor in a new browser tab.

Upload Schedule: 

  • During Upload, users can convert the file to a .pln and also add file/location tags. Once the File is uploaded, double tap to open the file in the new browser. Users can Upload Schedules using the following formats:
  • .mpp
  • .xer
  • .mpx
  • .gantter
  • .pmxml
  • .pln 


New Sequence:

  •  Users can create a New Sequence by adding a Name and Description and click 'Save' button.


New Simulation:

  • To create a New Simulation, add Name, Description, select a folder, start date and then click the 'Save' button.   


Drawing Folder in Drive 

  • The Drawings folder is used to store all projects Drawings.  Drawings can be organized into Drawings Sets and can be associated with specific trades and also support revisions.  The following file types can be uploaded to the Drawings Folder:  .PDF, .DWG, .DGN.
  • The Root Drawings Folder contains the following sections:
  • Recent: Items recently opened across Drive
  • Folders: Drawings Sets (Drawings Sub-Folders)
  • Latest Drawings: Shows an aggregate across all your drawing sets of the most recently uploaded drawings in one place.  


  • The Toolbar Options in the Drawing Folder are as follows:
  • Refresh:  Refreshes the Drawings Folder
  • Delete Selected Item: Delete selected items
  • Open in IQSketch: Opens selected Item in IQSketch
  • Download:  Downloads selected Drawings. There is also the option to download as PDF/PDF with markups.
  • Copy: Copy a selected item.
  • Move: Move selected items to different drawing sets.
  • Drawing Log Report: Shows a printable view of changes across drawing sets in your Drawings Folder.
  • Download Drawing Set: Download selected drawing set as a PDF or Zip file.

How to Search Drive Files - Desktop

  • Click on the Search Bar below the Main Menu.



  • In the Search Menu,  you have the following search options:
  • Search by File Types:  Return search results for All File Types or a Specific File Type (Defaults to 'Any"):  Any, Drawings, Sketch, Photos, 360, BIM, Schedule, Simulation, Sequence, Files, Media, Videos
  • Search by Item Name:  Returns Search Results with the Item Name entered.
  • Search by Owner: You can select Any One, Owned by Me or Specific Person: If you select a specific person, a field will show that lets you select a Specific Person.
  • Search in a Specific Drive Folder:  You have the option to select a specific folder location to search in. click on the Folder Field to view location options.
  • Team Last Modified:  You have the option to filter search results by the last time Items were modified by Team Members. The options are:  Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Custom.
  •  Search by Specific Words in Documents:  This option lets you search for any specific words that are in Documents across Drive.
  • Search by File Tags and/or Location Tags: Searching by File or Location Tags will only return items that contain the Specific Tags you are searching for.

 How to make Drive items available offline 

  • Drive allows the access of items even when the Device is offline and an option to upload items in Drive. User can set the following types of items as 'Available offline for Device':
  • Schedules
  • Drawing files
  • Sketch files
  • 360 files
  • BIM files
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Files
  • To set an Item in Drive as 'Available Offline for Device',  select an Item then click to open the Item Information Panel  by clicking the "i" symbol as shown below.

  • In the Info Panel,  simply set the 'Make available offline for device' option to ON.  This specific Item will now be cached on your Mobile Device and available to you even if your Device does not have internet access.

Open and Collapse Option for Folders in the Drive

  • Drive now also allows the Open and Collapse Option for Folders in the Drive. The choice of the User is recorded and applied to all folders in the drive by default. Users  can click on the Folders Dropdown Menu symbol and it will expand and collapse by default.


  • The display of files remains as is in all the other folders mostly used by the User once applied to a folder.

How To?

How to Search Drive Files - Desktop

How to Search Drive Files - Mobile

How to Open Files in Smartapp Sketch™ - Desktop

How to Open Files in Smartapp Sketch™ - Mobile

How to Make Drive Items Available Offline

System Generated Drive Folders:

Schedules Folder in Drive

Drawings Folder in Drive

Sketch Folder in Drive

360 Folder in Drive

BIM Folders in Drive

Photos Folder In Drive

Videos Folder in Drive

Files Folder in Drive

App Files Folder in Drive

User Space Folder in Drive

Safety Policies Folder in Drive

Certifications Folder in Drive

LiveLink Videos Folder in Drive

Meeting Minutes Folder in Drive

Daily Photos Folder in Drive



Last Updated: Aug-12-22