Drive Mode is a built-in Document Management System for each Project which has a standard set of System Generated Folders. These System Folders cannot be deleted. User can Tap on Drive Mode and the respective Folder to use it.


  • Drive can also be accessed through Planner/Field/Safety Tabs as shown below.



These are the standard set of System Generated Drive Folders available for Users on the Drive Mode.

System Generated Drive Folders:

How to Set Up Drive Security?

Using Drive Security lets you manage your Drive Folders and specify View, Manage and Edit Privileges to Users/Roles in your Project. 

  • To Access Drive Security, in the Project Mega Menu go to: FIELD™ Settings > Drive Security.


  • Clicking on the Drive Security will open the Manage Drive Security page where the we can manage the Drive Security for each Folder on the Drive. The Drive Folders Security can be set by checking the box for View, Edit or Manage access Privileges given to each User in the Project Team according to their Role in the Project as shown below.

Open and Collapse Option for Folders in the Drive

  • Drive allows the Open and Collapse Option for Folders in the Drive. The choice of the User is recorded and applied to all folders in the drive by default. Users can click on the Folders Dropdown Menu symbol and it will expand and collapse by default.

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System Generated Drive Folders:

Schedules Folder in Drive

Drawings Folder in Drive

Sketch Folder in Drive

360 Folder in Drive

BIM Folders in Drive

Photos Folder In Drive

Videos Folder in Drive

Files Folder in Drive

App Files Folder in Drive

User Space Folder in Drive

Safety Policies Folder in Drive

Certifications Folder in Drive

LiveLink Meetings Folder in Drive

Daily Photos Folder in Drive

LiveNote Folder in Drive



Last Updated: Dec-11-22