This feature enhances the creation of milestones automatically when a rollup task is created on a Plan board. This is based on the configuration. The new option in the 'Add Tag' interface when turned ON while creating a Rollup Tag will automatically create a Milestone for the specified end date of the rollup tag. This will reduce the manual intervention in the milestone tag creation (when the end dates of the rollup tag is same as that of the milestone tag being created).

Create Rollup Tag:

  • User creating a rollup tag by selecting the checkbox option 'Rollup Task', an additional option  'Add Dynamic Milestone' switch which is by default turned to YES is displayed. 
  • Post entering all details to the tag (Including the Start and the End Dates) Click on the 'Add' button to create a new tag.
  • Once the tag is successfully added a milestone is created in the background with the same name as the Rollup Tag. The mile stone date will be the 'end date' of the rollup tag.


  • Dynamically created Milestones are not displayed on Boards as a tag. It is only displayed on the ribbon at the top of all boards.
  • If the Rollup tag is edited and saved, a milestone should not be created again, any changes should be updated to the milestone, in terms of date, name etc.
  • If a Rollup Tag is deleted, the milestone also to be removed from the board.



Dynamic Milestone displayed on a Dispatch Board:

Dynamic Milestone displayed on a Schedule Tab:

Scenario When one of the tags created on a dispatch board with this tagged as Rollup task turns the milestone to RED:

  • When User creates a tag with end date of the tag beyond the end date of the selected dynamic rollup tag and the dynamic milestone turns from Blue to Red.
  • User creates a tag on any of the dispatch boards. The end date of the tag being created is beyond the end date of the rollup tag that it is associated. 
  • Once the Tag is dispatched, the Dynamic Milestone icon turns from BLUE to RED


Example of a Dynamic Milestone (Created from Rollup) whose associated tags are all In-Progress or Completed and are not Overdue.

Note: The hover shows the 'Verified On' at the bottom left hand corner of the Hover.

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Last Updated: Sep-27-22