These features on the Plan Board allow the Users to zoom, hover & move tags:

  •  User can zoom out the Plan Board  and the date column is still visible to the User
  •  User can move a group of selected tags to a different column
  •  User can see overdue on rollup tags, when the option is turned ON  
  •  User can view an additional column above the existing date column in board  if user zooms out on a Plan Board

Zoom out Board

  • When a user zooms out to view more tags on the board, the user is still able to view the date in MM/DD format.

  • The date row alternates in white and gray color for better visibility of the date. 

Note : ONLY the date is displayed and not the month.

Move Tags 

  • When moving a group of tags to a different date, the date is visible to the User at which the first tag will be dropped.
  • This gives a better understanding to the user to drop the selected tags at the right column/date.
  • This facilitates dragging and dropping of tags on the Board to the correct date.

Show Plan Board Actuals (Earlier) Highlight Overdue for Rollup Tags

  • The 'Highlight Overdue on Rollup Tags' has been renamed to 'Show Plan Board Actuals'

  • The 'Display Tools' has been enhanced to have another option 'Show Plan Board Actuals'. 

  • By default, it is in OFF state. Upon turning it ON, any of the rollup tags that has one or more Tags associated to it 

          that has the end date beyond the end date of this Rollup Tag will be highlighted as shown below. 

  • Mockup of examples wherein if there is a tag in the next column, then the overdue animation is translucent and 

          would still allow the user to see the other tag.

  • If all the tasks associated to a rollup are completed, on or before the end date of the rollup tag, then, the end date of the 

          last tag completed will be highlighted on the rollup tag in GREEN as shown below


-The overdue highlighter is marked in dark RED and is common for all tags.

-All Tags associated to  'Excavation' rollup task were completed ahead of time (that is, before the end date of the 

rollup task). Hence the task is highlighted in GREEN as shown below.

Additional aggregator column on Board (When zoomed out)

  • On Plan Boards, an additional column header is shown when zoomed out. 
  • If the Plan Board is configured as 'Weekly' the new column above it will show the 'Month' as shown in the mockup. 
  • If the Board has been configured as 'Monthly' then, the new column will show the year. 
  • This is only when the user zooms out a particular level where we no longer show the year part in the date column. 
  • When the user switches back to the normal zoom level, this new column is no longer displayed.

Column Details on Hover

  • When the User clicks on the column header, we show the menu.
  • By using this optionuser can unlock the column, add additional columns to the left/right, this also shows the date in full. 
  • These details are displayed when user hovers on the date column header as shown in the mockup when on desktop. 
  • Touch screens and devices continue to show the same on tap.

Example when zoomed out:

Turn On/Off Hovercard Display

  • When user hovers on a tag, a hover card with all the details of the tag is displayed after a small delay. 
  • In order to stop displaying the hover card, a switch has been added in the 'Display Tools' section. 
  • This will be ON by default. User can stop viewing the hover card by setting it to OFF Position.

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