The Dispatched Tags on the Planner, when double clicked displays the Tag Details Page in Read-Only format. If a user wants to view the Smart Item Properties Page, then the User has to click on the SmartApp icon displayed on the Tag.

Status on Tag Details Page:

Once a tag is dispatched, upon double clicking on the Dispatch Tag, the Tag Details Page displays are in Read-only format 

as shown in the screenshot below. All the details displayed on the Tag Details page is in Read-Only format. Users should be able to add/reply to 'Comments' and add/reply to 'Constraints & Issues' from the Tag. The 'Save' button is also hidden in the page. The 'Status' and the 'Percent Complete' is displayed at the bottom of the Tag Details page.

Open Item Properties From the Tag:

Users can open the Smart Item Properties page by clicking on the SmartApp Icon displayed on the Tag to the

left of the name of the tag. Once the User Clicks on the icon it displays the respective Smart Item Properties Page according to the tag security and the SmartApp security for the logged-in User  based on the specific tag. If the logged-in user doesn't have access to the associated App, the Smart Items properties page is not displayed to the User.

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