This Function describes how Materials can be configured and utilized in the Project Settings for a task creation. 

To access Materials, in the Project Dropdown Menu go to:

 PLANNER™ Settings > Materials

Categories and Subcategories Configuration in List Manager:

Users can utilize this function only after configuring this on the Project. For configuring Materials, the categories and subcategories have to be configured in List Manager first. Every Project comes with a basic set of Lists for categories and subcategories for Materials. Users can either modify these or create new ones and configure them based on the Project requirement. The Support Team has to make sure and finalize the category list for Materials. The various units and its types are also specified in the respective lists. This basic list also will be available in all Projects.Materials Configuration:

A link to access Materials has been added under the 'Planner Settings'.

User clicks on the Materials link to open the 'Materials' page.

The page has the following:

a. Toolbar: Has the following buttons

i. Refresh - Refreshes the Grid View

ii. Add - Add new Material (Opens add new page)

iii. Edit - Edit selected Material

iv. Remove - Remove selected Material 

v. Import - Allows users to import an already created lists from another Project

b. Search Control-

i. Can be searched for any material. If search returns zero results, then a watermark to be shown (No results matching the search criteria)

ii. Filtering can be done with following criteria:

Filter by:





Group By:





To access Materials, in the Project Dropdown Menu go to:

 PLANNER™ Settings > Materials

To Add New Material click on the '+' Add icon:

This opens add new page, where User can fill in the Metadata

Material Categories and Subcategories is configured in the List Manager and the values appear in the dropdown from the List Manager

When Linear is selected as Unit Type:

When Liquid Measure is selected as Unit Type:

When Solid Measure is selected as Unit Type: 

When Weight is selected as Unit Type:

When Currency and Cost are selected: 

Once all the Metadata is updated, User can click on the 'Save' option to save the Materials added.

Once all the Metadata is saved, User can view the Materials in a List or Grid View.

Consumption - Planner Tags

While adding a Planner Tag, Material(s) can also be added to the Tag. In order to facilitate this, a Tab for Materials has been appears.

1. User clicks on the Materials Tab

2. The grid has the following columns as shown in the image. The toolbar has the 'Add' and 'Remove' buttons.

3. User clicks on Add Material' toolbar icon to open the Add Material' popup.

4. User  selects the 'category' and 'Sub category'  which are configured in specific lists from  List Manager.

5. User  selects Material in the field from the list, based on the Category and Subcategory selected.

Note: For the selected Material, the 'unit' and 'price' are automatically populated in the respective fields. (as configured in the Materials section)

6. User  selects the 'Supplier' which comes from the Company Manager (Only the companies configured as 'Material Vendor /Supplier' will be listed here)

7. User can override the default Price, by editing it.

Note: This modification will only change for the material being added and will not affect the Original Material price.

8. User clicks on '+' or 'Add' and the Material gets added to the Grid and to the tag being created

Configuration of Item Properties Page (Materials Metadata)Consumption of Item Properties Page

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