In the Planner Mode, Users can click on the 'View' option and select 'Open in a New Browser Tab'. This feature helps Users to 'Open in a New Browser Tab'. Users have the option to open Schedules in a new tab. The same option has been extended in Boards as well under the 'View' menu.

To Open a Board in New Browser Tab, User clicks on the 'View' menu, selects the 'Open in New Browser Tab' option.

The Board opens in a new browser tab, as shown below:

Note: The tabs are not shown in the New Browser Tab and only the Board opens in the Tab.

Planner Overview

Planner Overview

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Daily Reports Overview

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Planner on Devices

Planner Overview - Tablet

Planner - My Work Queue - Tablet

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Board How To?

Boards Overview

What is Plan View

What are Different Boards Types

How to Create a Board

How to Edit a Board

How to Delete a Board

How to Group Boards

How to Filter Boards

How to Open a Board in a New Browser Tab?

Board Tags How To?

What is the Tag Shelf

How to Create a Tag

How to Create a Priority Tag

How to Create a Milestone

How to Dispatch a Tag

How to Auto Dispatch Tags

How to Group Tags

How to Filter Tags

How to Filter Tags by Date

How to Add a Comment to a Tag

How to Add Constraint/Issue to a Tag

How to Link or Chain Tags

How to Set a Tag as Complete

How to set a Tag as Verified

How to Copy a Tag

How to Delete a Tag

How to create Rollup Tags

How to assign Rollups to a tag

How to Set a Default GPS Location on Tag

How to Add a New Location to Sublevels in Location Manager

How to Add/Modify Custom Location on Tag

How to Add Tags with Budget Details

Last Updated: Oct-04-22