Board Names have been changed to ensure Users understand the purpose of each Board better. Also, the Plan Board Tag User Interface(UI) has been slightly tweaked for a better experience to the User.

Under Planner Tab > Boards & Schedules, when User clicks on the 'Add Board', the 'Choose the Board Type' popup is displayed .

Two types of Boards, 'Plan Board' and 'Dispatch Board' are available for selection.

However, the  Board names were not very descriptive. Hence their names have been slightly modified as below:

1.PLAN BOARD has been renamed to HIGH LEVEL PLAN BOARD, as the purpose of a Plan Board is to define High-Level Planning

2.DISPATCH BOARD has been renamed to DAILY WORK DISPATCH BOARD, as it helps in assigning daily work to the workers or Project Team Members in the Project.

User selects the Board type as per his requirement and the '+ Add’ Board Details page is displayed. 

The screen for reference as the Boards would appear earlier:



The screen for reference as the Boards appears now :


Note: Default Board name changed from 'Untitled Board' to 'Untitled Plan Board' when creating a Plan Board

Note: Default Board name changed from 'Untitled Board' to 'Untitled Dispatch Board' when creating a Dispatch Board


Plan Tag Changes:

The Tags can be created by the User with the options available in the Dropdown pick list. Users can choose the type of Tag that they want to create from this list. The two types of Plan Tags that the User can choose from.

When the user clicks on the 'Create Tag' and opens the 'Add Tag' popup, the checkbox options 'Priority Task',  'Milestone' and  'Rollup Task'  and 'Add Dynamic Milestone' below the tag name are not clear to the user as to what they do. These options have been segregated and realigned so that users can use them more adequately. 

The Tag 'Type' has been introduced, which will have two options namely:

Rollup: (Default option) - Selecting this option and creating a tag will create a Rollup Task on the Plan Board

Milestone: Selecting this option and creating a tag will create a Milestone on the Plan Board

With the Rollup option selected in Type, the user can decide whether he wants to add a dynamic milestone by turning the option ON/OFF.

The 'Priority Task' checkbox is to the right side of the 'Add Dynamic Milestone'. Selecting this option will create the tag as a priority tag.


1. Rollup Tags:

If the User chooses Rollup from the list, he has a toggle button option to switch between Adding Dynamic Milestones ON or OFF as shown in the screenshot below. This feature if ON helps a User add a Dynamic Milestone to a Rollup Tag.

2.Milestone Tags:

The User can use this option from the list to specifically add a Milestone Tag to the Board.

New Tag on a Planner Board

The Tag name field displays 'New Tag' to start with, when the page opens. This has been changed to show 'New Summary Tag' on a planner board. 

The name 'New Summary Tag' remains auto selected, so that the user can enter the name of his choice.

New Tag on a Dispatch Board

'New Work Tag' is auto selected, so that the user can enter the name of his choice.


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Last Updated: Nov-21-22