Configured Report displays the entire 'Alert Log', 'Replies Sent' and all the columns on the Hover Card. 

Note: Customized Reports will display in Reports Manager specific to Safety Bulletin.


How To?

How to use Group By in Safety Bulletin

How to use Filter By in Safety Bulletin summary page

How to use Safety Report

How to use Safety Bulletin Grid

How to use Alert Log

How to use BLE Tag to trigger SOS

How to use the Notification and Role updates in Safety Bulletin

How to send SMS Alert in Safety Bulletin

How to send SOS & Bulletin Notification

SAFETY™ Settings:


Safety Tracking

Visitor Tracking

Team Safety Credentials

Safety Task Analysis Categories

Safety Permit Categories

Safety Incident Categories

Safety Incident Directory

Safety Rules Manager

Safety Bulletin

SOS & Bulletin Notification

Visitor Log

Request Safety Permit

Safety Onboarding Flyer

Last Updated: Dec-28-22