Once the Roles to the response monitor are set to notify the Reply Summary Events these set roles will receive a new SMS along with the Reply Summary SMS.


  • The SMS sent to the response monitor has a link to open and View the SMS Responses. This URL when clicked will open in a mobile browser which displays the Summary of SMS responses to the Bulletin sent out.

  • The Responses shown on the window is the data updated in REALTIME. The window has the Columns in the Tile/Column based on the interface either Phone or Tablet 

          Note: Response On behalf of can only be added from the 'No Response' filter/tab.


  • As the users respond to the sent safety SMS, the Response Monitor who is monitoring/looking at the interface will see real time updates with new data refreshing and displayed automatically, allowing the response monitor role to take an appropriate action when needed.

Note: Response Monitor can alternatively instead of loading the URL and login into the Mobile App and go to Safety Bulletin>Alert Log.


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Last Updated: Dec-28-22