Chain Manager allows user to manage all the chains  on the board. It can be accessed by clicking on the 'Widgets' option in the toolbar and selecting 'Chain Manager'.

  • Chain Manager widget is opened in the right side of the screen with following details:
    • Chain Manager - label at the top

    • Board Name- Name of the Board

    • Search - Users can search for the chain name of the tag name. The chain is shown if it has the searched criteria in one of the tags inside a chain.

    • Chain Name -  Name of the chain

    • View Tags of the chain - Allows to view all the chained tags within that chain.

    • Badge - Displays Tag count as a badge with 0verall status in color.


  • Remove Chain - Displayed on Expanding the chain - User can remove the chain from the board. This option will not remove the tag instead will just unchain all the tags.
  • User clicks on one of the chain names. It expands to show all the tags in it.
    • The expanded chain displays the following:

    • Total tags - Total tags count in that chain 

    • Select All - Clicking on this button will select all the tags in the chain.

    • Chain created By - Name and image of the person who created the chain.

    • Name of tags - Names of all the tags in the chain. - clicking on the tag name will move and zoom to the tag in the board.

    • Status - Individual Status of the tag. 

    • Remove tag from chain -  Will remove the tag from the chain.

Note: Clicking on the Tag name in the the widget will move and zoom to the tag on the board.

Device Screens:

The functions will remain the same as that of the desktop version.



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