Hover on Badge Count. The Badge next to the name of the chain will show the total count of tags chained together in the chain set.

  • The Badge color also indicates the overall status of all the chained tags in that chain. When a chain is expanded, the individual statuses of tags are also indicated by color.

  • The details of the overall status summary of a chain from color are as mentioned below. The color indicates the overall status of the chain.
  • Gray - None of the tags are started and are not overdue
  • Yellow - All tags are in dispatched and none of them are overdue
  • Green - All Tags are in-progress and none of them are overdue.
  • Red: At least one of the Tags in the chain is overdue
  • On hover, (On Devices User can Tap) will display a Hover Card which shows the details of tags as shown below.

  • Clicking on the badge will show a card, will display the additional information of all the tags in the chain as shown.

  • The ‘Assigned To’ column on the card will show either the ‘User’ or the ‘Work Team’ or the ‘Company’ based on the ‘Resource Type’ configuration of the board.

Device Screens:  

The Functions will remain the same as that of the Desktop Version.


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