Dispatch tags can be created by selecting the Rollups in the 'Scheduling Rollup Items' field.

  • The 'Budget Line Item' allows you to select Budget line item and enter Cost in 'COST' field.

  • Click on the 'Create Tag' or long presses on the column to add a tag which opens the 'Add New Tag' page.

  • Select a rollup task that has Budget line item(s) mapped to it during the creation of that rollup tag. 

  • Clicking on the 'Budget line item' field displays ONLY those budget line items that were picked to create the Rollup item selected above.


  • Pick one of the budget line item the 'Remaining Balance' of the selected item displayed in the 'Budget Line Item' field enter the cost (in Dollars) in the 'COST' field.


  • If the entered cost is less than or equal to the 'Remaining Balance' of the selected Budget Line Item, you are allowed to create the tag without any warning message.


  • If the entered cost (In COST field) is greater than the 'Remaining Balance' of the Budget line item, then, based on the validation, you are prompted with a warning icon with 3 options
  • Change Cost - Clicking on this option will erase the entered cost and cursor blinks allowing you to enter a new cost value
  • Ignore - Clicking on Ignore will ignore the warning which allows you to go ahead and create the tag with the same Cost value.
  • Create Change Order - Clicking on this option will create a smart Item in the default app set for Change Orders in the Budget Manager General Settings.

  • The General Settings' will have an option to set the 'Change Order' App. Clicking Create Change Order will create an Item in the App.

  • When no rollup item is selected, the Dispatch tag shows all the Budget line items.


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Last Updated: Jan-03-23