Under your "Smart Gate Settings", you will see the option to "Turn On Guard Attendant Mode".

This mode is turned off by default.

Once you've turned it ON, the two fields under Guard Attendant Settings will get enabled.

  1. Choose an attendant guard to receive a LiveLink call to unlock the gate
  2. Setup a custom message displayed to the worker if the guard attendant is not on duty

When Guard Attendant Mode is ON, the "Need help? Contact Attendant" option will be visible.

Here is an example of what it looks like when Guard Attendant Mode is OFF and when it's ON.


  1. The user will either be connected with the Guard Attendant

  2. When a LiveLink call cannot be established with the Guard Attendant, the screen will show the custom message you had set up (under Guard Attendant Settings). It will also give the user the options to "Go back to home" or "Call again".


In the same "Smart Gate Settings" pop-up, your "Access In Preferences" will give you two options:

  1. Access IN with photo
    This option is enabled by default, ensuring that a photo of the worker is captured.

  2. Access IN without photo
    When this option is enabled, a photo of the worker will not be captured. This setting should be used at gates where you need workers to swipe and gain entry without any delays.

    [Note: When this is enabled, "Temperature Check" and "Facial Verification" fields will be disabled]

    Here is an example of a Smart Gate screen when the "Access IN without photo" option is enabled:

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Last Updated: Feb-19-23