First, go to Project Settings, then, under PRO™ Settings, select AppStudio™.

Next, either create a new App using the green plus button in the bottom right, OR select an existing App from the list.

From AppStudio™, if you opened an existing App and you are in "Read Only" mode, click the EDIT button to Edit the App. 

On the right, under Field Types, click and drag the "Sub Apps" item onto the work area.

Enter in your Sub App Details, including your then click the Save button.

Next, select the Workflow tab at the top to switch to the Workflow Designer area.

Over on the right, you'll see a list of different Workflow Activities. Open up the "User Activities" menu. From there, select the "Monitor Sub App" button to add it to the Workflow.

Double-click on the "Monitor Sub App" Item in the work area to edit the following details:

  • Properties
  • Notification
  • Transitions
  • Participants

Once you've entered your information, click "Save."

The Monitor SubItems workflow will now be in the workflow area.

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Last Updated: Apr-23-23