This feature enables users who are submitting the Work Labor(Manpower) on an RTLS(Real Time Location Service) enabled Project to add a reason as to why he is changing the auto-filled RTLS values. The reason will also reflect in the Daily Report with this UI( Enhancement. 

Work Labor (Manpower) 

  • On an RTLS enabled Project, when the user is trying to add the Work Labor, the Resource(s) and the No. of Hours  get auto-filled from the RTLS data. Users can change the resource and the No. of Hours values. However, the user has to enter the reason for change in the 'RTLS Change Reason' field. 

Add Work Labor 

  • While adding or editing the draft and or re-submitting the Work labor, 'Resource' and 'Total No. of Hours' fields for all the selected trades get auto-filled. Users can submit as is or can modify either of them or both. 

  • Once modified, a 'RTLS Change Reason' field is shown to the actor. Actor fills in the reason for modification.  It is a mandatory field. 

Note: This field is shown to only those trades for which the values have been modified.

  • Click on the 'Submit' button to add the Work Labor for the selected categories. 

Note: If the Work Labor is not submitted  by the end of the shift, then the Work Labor(Manpower)  will be auto-submitted at the end of the shift timings.


Note: Submit button disabled if Mandatory fields are not filled. 


Phone key screens

The functionalities remain the same as the desktop version.



Daily Report Changes 

Daily Report auto Generation 

  • The Daily Report will be auto generated after a predefined interval after the Shift set for the  company ends for the day.
  • Example, The Shift set for a Company  is  'General Shift'( which has Shift timings set as 8 am - 5 pm). Then,  the Daily report for the company will be generated at a defined time after the shift ends (As an example, say at  6 pm or 7 pm of the day).  
  • Any Task updates that are done after the Daily time will be shown in the next day's Daily Report. 

Work Assigned section changes 

  • The Work Assigned label has been changed to say as below: 
  • Work Assigned to your Company Today. The 'Start' and the 'Finish' fields will show <Date & Time> <mm/dd/yyyy hh :mm> if the task is a partial  day task and only Dates are if it is a multi-day task.  (No changes) 
  • Assigned to your Subcontractor (Total Resources: <> Total No. of Hours <>) 

Note: All the subcontractor has to be shown, even if there are no tasks assigned for them on a given day. 

Duration column to show the duration in days for a multi-day task. 

Tablet Screens:

The functionality remains the same as the desktop version


Work Labor section changes 

  • The two new columns in the Work Labor section of the report are  
    1. RTLS Change Reason: This column will show the reason for changing the values added by the person  who added the Manpower.  
    2. Submitted Time: This column will show the time when the Work Labor(Manpower) was submitted.  
  • Auto-Submitted Work Labor Concept.
  • Work Labor will be auto-submitted at the end of the shift of the company. 
  • If the Work Labor(Manpower) is auto-generated, then a label 'Auto Submitted' will be shown next to the Work Labor label with a distinct color as shown below. 

  • The  'Reason' column will be blank. The 'Submitted Time'  field can show the Shift End time of the shift set for  the company.


Last Updated: Dec-10-23