Daily Settings:

To configure Daily Report settings, follow these steps:

1. Access the Daily Settings by going to Mega Menu → PLANNER → Daily Settings.

2. Enter the roles for Creator Role and Approver Role fields. 

3. A new setting "Daily Report Approvers can also create Work Labor/Journal/Daily Impact for other Company" has been introduced. This setting will only be enabled when one or more roles are added in the Daily Report Approvers field.

6. If NO Approvers are assigned, the setting will be greyed out.

7. If Toggle is "On":

  • Checkboxes for Work Labor, Journal Entry, and Daily Impact will be enabled.

  • Selecting one or more checkboxes will allow the Company field to be selectable in the respective modules if the user has an Approver role.

8. If Toggle is "Off":

  • The options (Work Labor, Journal Entry, Daily Impact) will be disabled for selection.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23