The Plan Board on Desktop and Devices helps in planning high-level tasks, breaking them down into smaller tasks, and dispatching them to the right resource. It also shows the progress and percentage of completion of the task in real-time.  

Plan Board

  • As a Project Team Member,  user can view Boards assigned to and update any daily/weekly Tags assigned.


  • The Schedule in planner will allow the view of  Project Tasks set out in a Gantt chart (bar chart that illustrates a project schedule).  The Schedule shows the Start and Finish dates of Tasks across a specified timeline. 


  • The Risks in planner will allow users to Define and Assign Risk Factors to Tasks in your Plan Board. Users can access data associated with Response, Cause, Probability, Severity, Priority types of Risk.


  • The Resources in planner will allow users to manage all the Resources associated with Tasks in the Plan Board. Users can see the below information in the resources section.


  • The Calendar in planner will allow users to select a Specific Calendar for each Plan Board. The Calendar can be accessed by using the path Planner > Calendar.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23