To create a chain tags select the tags that are to be chained together. The chain Tags' toolbar icon will get enabled only when two or more tags are selected. 

  • A popup to name the chain is displayed once the user clicks on the 'Chain Tag' toolbar icon.

Note If the user is creating tags on the board for the 1st time or if the selected tags are not part of any tag, then he is displayed a popup to name the new  chain he is creating.

  • By default, a unique chain name with a number is given to the chain. Actor can rename it to any unique name of his choice. 'Chain 1', 'Chain 2' are examples. 

  • Clicking 'Save' will save the chain and clicking on 'Cancel' will cancel the operation.

  • The selected tags get chained and the 'Flowlines' are shown to the tags that are chained together along with the chain icon being displayed on the tag as shown below.

  • A toast message is displayed to the user 'Chain created successfully' Clicking on the chain icon on the tag created, will show a card with all the chained tags.

Device Screens:

The functions will remain the same as that of the desktop version.


Last Updated: Dec-10-23