Users can select tags that are already part of other chains and then create a new chain by giving it a  unique name. Now these tags become part of both the chains and show the flow lines for both the chains when the option is enabled.

  • Once the user selects multiple tags and clicks on the 'Chain Tag' toolbar icon. A popup to name the chain is displayed as one or more selected tags are already part of different chains, actor is given two options.

  1. Create New Chain - To create a new chain with a new name for the selected tags.

  2. Add to Existing Chain - Add the selected tags to any of the existing chains by selecting it in the dropdown menu.

  • User selects the 'Create New Chain' option and is displayed the 'Chain Name' field.  User can enter the chain name of choice.

Note: This field by default, fills the next available unique chain name (Chain 2, Chain 3, etc.) and remains selected. User can either retain the name or change the name as per requirement.

  • Clicking on the 'Save' button, the selected tags get chained as a new chain and the 'Flowlines' are shown to the tags that are chained together. Also, the chain icon is displayed on the tag as shown below.

  • A toast message is displayed to the user 'Chain created successfully'. Clicking on the chain icon on the tag created, will show a card with all the chained tags. 

Device Screens:

The functions will remain the same as that of the desktop version.


Last Updated: Dec-10-23