Work tags can now be created not just by start and end dates, but also by specific start and end times! This allows you to make sure the same day sequencing of work can now be setup. In addition, you can leverage our hourly “live” weather forecast feature too by assigning specific start times to avoid bad weather pockets. Once dispatched, workers’ daily burndown lists will display start /end times in order for easy at-the-jobsite tracking!


  1. From PLANNER, click the "Create tag" button at the bottom of the screen OR click and hold on the board to add a new work tag

  2. Enter the information for the tag (the same way as creating work tags)

  3. In the work duration section, there will now be a blue clock icon

    1. This clock appears for single-day work tags. If the duration is changed to anything greater than 1 day, the clock will disappear

  4. Select the clock icon to open the start and end time fields

  5. Set the start and end times for the tag by clicking and dragging the clock hand to the desired time

    1. Clicking the Hour Picker will choose the hour

    2. Clicking the Minute Picker will choose the minutes

  6. Choose either AM or PM in the bottom corners

  7. Once the time is set, continue to fill out the rest of the tag.

  8. When all the information is filled in, click “Add Work Tag

Now, when you go back to your Plan Board and hover over the new tag, you’ll be able to see the time duration displayed in the top right corner, like this:

Last Updated: Dec-10-23