Access the Budget Manager from the Project Settings, the grid section at top of the page shows all the added line items for the Project.

  • To create a Budget line item first click on the 'Division / Cost Code' field which has the cost codes grouped under the 16-Division Master Format (explained below).





  • Post picking one value from the 'Division / Cost Code', click on the 'Cost Type' field and pick a value from the dropdown list.


  • Pick dates for the 'Est. Start Date' and 'Est. End Date' fields using the date picker.

  • Pick the Curve from the list.


  • 'Original Budget' field allows you to enter the Amount in the currency set for the Project. These budget values can either be entered directly by keying in or can be calculated and filled using the calculator button provided.

  • Click on the 'Add Item' button to add the Budget Cost Item. The added Budget cost item can be seen in the grid as shown below.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23