You can configure the List Manager that is used in the Budget Manager. 

To access the List Manager use the Path Project Settings > List Manager.

  • The List Manager, has two specific lists. 
  1. The 16 Division Master Format Value list 
  2. The 50 Division Master Format list.

  • The 16 Division Master Format is as shown below, this List is a system generated one and cannot be deleted.


Cost Code List for 16 Division Master Format

  • The 16 Division Master Format is further segregated as different Cost Codes. These cost codes are separately created as Cost Code list and can be filtered by the Division Code as shown below.


50 Division List:

  • 50 Division list is an upgraded list of the 16 Division code list. The values for this list can be seen in the list value.


Cost Type

  • The Cost Type values are used while creating a Budget Item, this used to categorizes the type of Cost. The values are as shown below.

Unit of Measure - Qty List

  • You can see a separate 'Unit of Measure' list for Time and Quantity.

  • Based on the 'Cost Type' selected in the Budget line item, the 'Unit of Measure' field will show the values accordingly.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23