When Users Navigated to the Finance™ Tab , the following Key Sections of Finance™ will be available to you:

  • Budget Manager : Users can create all Budget related Elements.

  • Bid Manager : Users can create and Post Bids.

  • Bid Response : Users can perform any Bid Response Actions.

  • Vendor Contracts : Users can Manage all Vendor Contract related actions.

  • Client Contracts : Users can Manage all Client Contract related actions..

  • Vendor Pay App : All actions related to Vendor Pay Applications can be done here.

  • Client Pay App : All actions related to Client Pay Applications can be done here.

  • Change Events : All Change Events can be managed here.

  • Drive : Take user to Drive Folder where relevant files are organized.

The video below will show you how to navigate to each Finance™ area and what tasks you can perform: 

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Last Updated: May-16-24