After Login, Users can Navigate to the Finance Tab as shown in the following scree.

The Finance Tab will show the following Key Sections of Finance for User to perform relevant action:

  • Budget Manager : Users can create all Budget related Elements.

  • Bid Manager : Users can create and Post Bids.

  • Bid Response : Users can perform any Bid Response Actions.

  • Vendor Contracts : Users can Manage all Vendor Contract related actions.

  • Client Contracts : Users can Manage all Client Contract related actions..

  • Vendor Pay App : All actions related to Vendor Pay Applications can be done here.

  • Client Pay App : All actions related to Client Pay Applications can be done here.

  • Change Events : All Change Events can be managed here.

  • Drive : Take user to the Drive Folder where relevant Files are organized

Note: For Only Finance as Bundle Subscription -  the Navigation Bar would show Finance, Drive, Analytics tabs.

Finance Plan Overview:

Last Updated: Dec-10-23