Saving your Workspace

  • In Sketch,  your Workspace is the Sketch Tab (with Sub Item Tabs) you have open in your browser. You have the option to save your Workspace by clicking on the 'Save Workspace' in the File Menu.

  • In the Save Workspace panel,  you add the following information. Click 'Save' to save your Workspace:
  • Name - Name of Workspace
  • Description - Description of Workspace
  • Available Offline - Clicking this option will make the Workspace available Offline.

Opening your Workspaces

  • Once you have a Workspace Saved, to Reopen a saved Workspace, click on the File Menu Option and click on the 'Open Workspace' option.

  • In the Workspace Panel, you have the option to Open your Saved Workspace and Add to Existing Tabs,  or Close any Existing Tabs and Open the Saved Workspace Panel.

  • The Saved Workspace Tabs will now be loaded into the Sketch Workspace.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23