In Sketch™, there are 7 Preference Options you have the option to Toggle ON or OFF.  You can access the Preferences Options by selecting the Preferences Dropdown option in the Top Menu. 

Preference Options:


  • The Redline Preference when turned OFF hides all items Drawn on the Sketch, leaving you to view your default Sketch. Turning Redline back ON shows all the added items again.

Auto Retract

  • Turning Auto Retract ON allows side panels that Retract to do it automatically.  IF Auto Retract is turned OFF, panels will not retract automatically.

Auto Select

  •  Turning Auto Select ON makes it easier to click on and select Items added to the Sketch.


  • Turning Ortho ON limits the Angle for Draw Tools to 90 Degree Angles. Turning Ortho OFF lets you vary angles for Draw Tools.


  • Turning ON the Auto-Magnetize Preference makes it easier to connect Draw Tool Items.


  • Turning the ShowLocation ON will show Locations on your Sketch. Turning iShowLocation OFF will hide Locations on your Sketch.


  • Turning the ShowAnchor Preference ON will show Anchors on your Sketch.  Turning ShowAnchor OFF will hide Anchors on your Sketch.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23