In Sketch™, there are 10 Settings Options to choose from.  You can access the Settings Options by selecting the Settings Dropdown option in the Top Menu. 

Settings Options:

Sheet Setup

  • The Sheet Setup Settings Panel lets you change your Sheet Size, Drawing Units, Unit Type, Drawing Scale, Custom Calibration, and Page Orientation.

Symbol Settings

  • The Symbol Settings let you change the Symbol Scale and either Apply the Scale to All Symbols, or just Selected Symbols.

Marker Settings

  • The Marker Settings let you change the Marker Scale and either Apply to All Links, Comments and Smartapp, or Apply to Selected Links, Comments and Smartapp.

Smart label

  • The Smart label Settings let you change the Scale of All, or Se4lected Smart label items in your Sketch.



Dimension & Annotations

  • The Dimension & Annotations Settings let you change the Dimensions, Callouts and Tool Options of items in your Sketch.

Palette Manager

  • The Palette Manager Settings let you select which Palettes show in Sketch. Simply, click to select the Palettes you would like to show.


  • The Font Settings let you change the Font Color, Font Family and Font Size of the text you place in your Sketch.

Stroke Properties

  • The Stroke Properties lets you manage the Stroke Color, Stroke Width, Stroke Style, Stroke Scale and Double Line Width for Lines you  place on your Sketch.

Fill Color

  • The Fill Color lets you designate a specific Fill Color for items you place on Sketch that have a Fill Element.

GPS Sketch Settings

  • The GPS Sketch Settings let you control the GPS Settings for Smart items with GPS placed on your Sketch.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23