This SmartApp Feature allows a User to Mark Up Objects as Public or Private & Resolved in the Sketch Editor on the App Studio.

  • Path: Right click on the Sketch will give the below options
  • Mark as Private
  • Mark as Resolved

Mark as Private: 

  • Any Markups added to the Sketch can be made Private by right clicking on the sketch and selecting “Mark as private” option.


  • A markup once marked as Private will allow the changes to be private and not visible to other project members making it visually easy for the user to know which markups are Private.

  • The Private Markup can be made Public by selecting “Mark as public” in the right click option. This option will show all the markups to all the project members. 

  • Markups that are marked as Public/Private can be seen in the Stream event.

Note: Mark as Public/Private is a toggle based option on the markup's.  

Mark as Resolved

  • To access the option right click on the markup and select “Mark as resolved”

  • A markup once marked as resolved will not be visible to the users having the access to the files.

  • All the resolved markups can be seen using the new 'Show Resolved Mark up' On/Off toggle under the Preferences menu.

  • Turning ON 'Show Resolved Mark up', will display all the markup resolved by the LOGGED in USER. 

  • All the resolved markups can be seen in the Stream event.

  • Hovering on the Tile will Zoom the area of the Added & Resolved file Markup.


  • Users who resolved the markup can reopen the markup by clicking on Reopen in the Streams. This will make the markup Unresolved on the sketch and can be viewed by all the users having the access.


  • The Edit command section will also display “Mark as Public/Private & Resolved” options.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23