Finding the changes from one drawing revision to the next can be a real challenge at the jobsite often leading to construction miswork and mistakes. But not anymore with our new Drawing Version compare feature that lets you instantly see a side-by-side RED/GREEN comparison view to easily locate all the adds, removes, and updates from one revision to the other.

Let’s walk through how you can use this feature!


  1. You can find “Version Compare” in two places:

    1. Under your “File” menu

    2. In the toolbar of your BIM canvas with this icon:

  2. Tapping on the icon will load the Version Compare pop-up on top of your SKETCH canvas.
    Your Version Compare canvas will always be split into two sections by default.
    The left side will display the Latest version and the right side will display the Previous Version


For 2D Drawings, you will see the Revisions (not the Versions).

Tapping on the Version Panel will display all the Revisions.
Revisions for that file will be displayed sequentially with the latest at the top.

You can also use the grid icon to see all the Revisions as visual thumbnails!

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Last Updated: Dec-10-23