Adding Additional 'Air Quality Alerts':

From the 'Mega Menu,' go to the 'Safety Bulletin' section.

Select 'Air Quality Alert' from the 'Type' drop-down. The drop-down is enabled for selection even if an Air Quality Alert has already been configured in the project.

Configuring Alert Ranges:

In the 'Air Quality Alert Configuration' field, choose a range for the new alert. Note that previously used ranges will be disabled, preventing their selection for the current alert.

Hovering over the disabled range will prompt a message:

 "The range cannot be used in the current alert as it was already used in a previous air quality alert."

Saving Configurations:

Select an enabled range for the new alert and configure the 'Air Quality Alert' settings as required.

Save the settings to confirm the new configuration.

Displaying Multiple Alerts:

The configured alert will be visible along with any other 'Air Quality Alerts' in the 'Safety Bulletin' grid.

Independent Triggering of Alerts:

Each alert will function independently, triggering notifications whenever the Air Quality Index value corresponds to the configured range.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23