Sending Safety Bulletin Alerts directly from the Safety Landing Console can help ensure timely communication of critical safety information. 

Following are the steps to use the "Send New Alert" functionality to dispatch Safety Bulletin Alerts efficiently.

To Access Safety Landing Console: Navigate to Safety Landing Console -->  Safety Bulletin

(Safety Landing Console from the main project menu)

Locate "Send New Alert" Button: On the Safety Landing Console toolbar, find the "Send New Alert" button and click it.

Choose Alert Category: Upon clicking the "Send New Alert" button, a new interface will appear. The header will prompt you to choose the Alert Category. You can use the search option to find specific categories quickly.

Select Alert: The screen displays existing Safety Bulletin Alert Categories. Each category is listed with the following details:

Name: Name of the Alert

Type: Type of the Alert

Roles: Roles involved

Trades: Trades affected

Safety Alerts: Safety Alert Text

Send Alert: Button

Send Alert: To dispatch the chosen Safety Alert, click the respective "Send Alert" button.

Confirmation Pop-up: A confirmation pop-up will appear after clicking the "Send Alert" button. Upon confirmation, click "Yes."

Post-Confirmation Actions:

After Confirming and clicking on the Yes Button, user can check the Safety Landing Console screen 

1. Add this Safety Alert row to the respective group based on the  Type

2. See Toast Message  - "Safety Bulletin Alert Sent Successfully"

Last Updated: Dec-10-23