Muster Stations are essential locations for worker assembly during emergencies. They can be configured in the ‘Locations’ space of Project Settings.

Here's how to add a new Muster Station:

  1. Access 'Access & Attendance Areas': Start by clicking on 'Access & Attendance Areas' under Project Location 

  2. List of Existing Locations: On the right pane, you'll find a list of previously configured gates and entrances.

  3. Add a New Muster Station:
    a. Enter the Muster Station name in the 'Name' field.
    b. In the 'ID' field, input the value or scan the provided code.
    c. In the 'Type' dropdown, select 'Muster Station'.

d. Configure it as 'Outdoor.' (Note: 'Muster Station' is always 'Outdoor' by default)

e. The 'Allow Access' On/Off toggle is not applicable for 'Muster Station' type, so this column will be blank.

  1. Set Outdoor Location:
    a. Click on the standard Push Pin icon.

b. Set the outdoor GPS location on the map view and zoom to the Project Boundary.

  1. Save and Confirmation:
    a. After drawing a valid 'Polygon Boundary' around the Project Boundary, click 'Save'

b. You'll be redirected back to 'Access & Attendance Areas,' and the 'Push Pin' icon will be shown in 'Blue'

By following these steps, you can configure any number of Muster Stations for your project. Muster Stations are crucial for ensuring safety during emergencies and evacuations. 

Last Updated: Dec-10-23