When Users Navigated to the Safety™ Tab , the following Key Modules of Safety™ will be available:

  • Team Orientation : Users will be directed to the Project Team, providing comprehensive details about the team.

  • Visitor Log : Provides access to a detailed record of all visitor entries.

  • Visitor Request : To pre-schedule visitor entries.

  • Safety Bulletin : To access and configure Safety Alerts for the project.

  • SOS Tracker : Access the SOS Tracker module to respond instantly to emergencies.

  • Safety Onboarding Flyer : Opens up the onboarding flyer for user registration on to the project site.

  • Request Safety Permit : Safety Permit Request form.

  • Safety Evacuation : Permits users to configure a well co-ordinated safety evacuation plan

  • Drive : Take user to Drive Folder where relevant files are organized.

The video below will show you how to navigate to each of the Safety™ modules and what tasks you can perform: 

Last Updated: Dec-10-23