The Team Safety Credentials option in Project Settings lets you configure fields by Trade. These Fields are displayed in the Onboarding Process for each specific Trade.   

  • You can access 'Team Safety Credentials' via SAFETY™ Settings > Team Safety Credentials.

  • In the "Team Safety Credentials" Settings window, you can Add, Edit or Delete Credential fields. Field visibility can be set to ON or OFF in the 'Show Field' Column. Additionally, Fields can be set to 'Visible on Verification Only' and also 'Required' or not.


  • When adding a New Safety Credential, you first pick one or More Trades to see the Credential. You then add a 'Field Name',  'Field Type', and Tooltip. You also have the option to add a Default Value if necessary.
    Click 'ADD' to add the new Credential.


During Worker Onboarding, the following initial set of fields will be displayed under the Team Safety Credentials to get you started:

  1. First name

  2. Last name

  3. Email

  4. Phone number

  5. Trade

  6. Company

  7. Work category

These System Fields cannot be edited or deleted.


  1. The "Show Field" column will be ON and Disabled by default, since we need these fields to be visible at all times.

  2. In the "Required" column, each field can be set to ON/OFF based on your requirements.
    These fields will ON and Disabled by default:

    1. First name

    2. Last name

    3. Trade

  3. The "Public" column for System Fields will be set to ON and Disabled by default

  4. The "Safety Manager Verification" column will be set to OFF and Disabled by default



Grouping and Rearranging Fields in Team Safety Credentials

Following are the Details on 

1. Steps involved in grouping fields under their respective categories and rearrange them within the "Company Manager Verification" category.

2. Details on the additional settings for Worker Onboarding, including the User Badge Setting configuration.

Grouping Fields:

Categorization: Group all fields under Team Safety Credentials into the following respective categories:

a. Worker Onboarding

b. Worker In

c. Visitor

d. Company Manager Verification

Adding New Field: Click the "+" option on the toolbar to add a new field. Ensure that the new field is added to the relevant category.

Grouping under "Company Manager Verification": Enable the "Company Manager to Verify" option for all fields under any category other than "Company Manager Verification" to automatically move and group them under the "Company Manager Verification" category.

Rearranging Fields:

Drag and Move: Utilize the gripper icon to drag and move all the fields within the "Company Manager Verification" category.

Rearrange Order: All fields within the "Company Manager Verification" category can be rearranged by dragging the fields up or down to change their display order.

Eg: The Field "Drug Test, have a valid drug test record on File" is AFTER the "I9 Verified, have a valid i9 on File"

The New Rearranged order

After Rearranging The Field "Drug Test, have a valid drug test record on File" was BEFORE the field "I9Verified, have a valid i9 on File"

Additional Settings for Worker Onboarding:

User Badge Setting: During Worker Onboarding, there will be an option for the User Badge Setting. A gear icon in the toolbar's rightmost corner can be used for configuration.

Configure the setting to enable or disable the User Badge capture during Worker Onboarding.

a. If "Do you want to capture Badge Photo during Worker Onboarding" is set to "Yes," then Step 3 for the User Badge is enabled.

b. If "Do you want to capture Badge Photo during Worker Onboarding" is set to "No," then  skip Step 3 during the Worker Onboarding process.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23