To Access the Safety Onboarding Flyer, first, make sure the 'Safety Tracking' option in the SAFETY™ Settings is ON.  With Safety Tracking turned ON, Click on the 'Safety Onboarding Flyer' option to open the Safety Onboarding Flyer.

  • The Safety onboarding Flyer Page will open in a New Browser Tab. The Safety Onboarding Flyer contains the following Elements:
  • Registration URL QR Code:  When the QR Code is scanned with a Mobile Barcode Scanner, the option to open the URL Registration Link will show.  Clicking on the option will load the Registration Page. 
  • Registration URL Link:  For Users that are unable to Scan the Registration URL QR Code,  they can type the Registration URL into their browser.
  • Print/Download Option: You have the option to Download and Print the Registration Page to Showcase at Registration areas on your Jobsite.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23