The User/Worker Badges can be printed in Bulk from the Project Team window in the Project Settings.

How to Bulk Print User Badges from the Project Team Grid

  • Go to Project Dropdown > Project Settings > Project Team. Select the workers you would like to Print the Badges for by checking the box on the left side, Click on the 'Print' Icon on the Toolbar, User will have an option 'Print Worker Badge' as the first option. 'Reports' will list all of the reports below the label. 


  • This feature allows to select one or many members from Project Team Grid and click on 'Print Worker Badge' from the Print toolbar.


  • When One Side is selected, Label displays as 'Front Side Info' 


  • When Both Side is selected, Label displays BOTH 'Front Side Info' and 'Back Side Info'

  • When the Back Side is set to BLANK, the Print Options will show 'Both Sides' option disabled.


  • Click on the Print Option.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23