Workers at a Work Site can access and manage Certificates and take the ‘Certification Test’ necessary for their position via the Smartapp Kiosk. The Certificates/Certifications option is the 5th Step in the 'New Worker' process.

  • At a Kiosk, tap on the "New Worker" option to get started.


  • Fill in the Registration Information and clicks 'Next' to proceed. Based on the ‘Trade’ selection, the worker may have Policies and Certificates/Certifications to fill out.


  •  Add additional information and clicks 'Next' to proceed.

  • Add a Badge Photo and click on 'Next' to proceed.

  • If the Trade selected has Policies related to the trade then Read and Acknowledge the Policies. Worker clicks 'Next' to Proceed to the Certificates/Certifications Screen.

  • The Certifications Kiosk Screen is as shown below.
    Note: If Track Expires On and Requires Renewal are turned OFF when creating an Upload Certificate and Test Based Certification in Drive, the 'Expires On' for an 'Upload Certificate' will not be accessible in Kiosk.

Worker Takes a Certification Test from Kiosk

  • From the Certification Step in the 'New Worker' process, the worker can take one or more certification tests by clicking on the 'Take the Test' Orange Button next to the Certification Test.

  • Worker need to answers each question in the test and click 'Next' to proceed further.


  • Once the Test is Completed, IF the User Passes the Test, the following will Update:
  • The Badge on the Test Thumbnail will turn Green.
  • The 'Take the Test' Button will update to 'View Test Results'.
  • The 'Expires On' Date will be Calculated based on 'Requires Renewal Date' Setting and when the test was completed.
  • Once Certificate/Certifications Section ,click on Next to proceed to the 'Next Screen'.

IF User Fails 'Test Based Certification' Test

  • In the Event that the User Fails a 'Test Based Certification', then 

a. The Badge on the Test Thumbnail will turn Red.

b. The 'Take the Test' Button will still be active allowing for a retake.

c. The 'Expires On' Date will not be calculated.

Worker Takes Photo to Add a Certificate from Kiosk

  • From the Certification Step in the 'New Worker' process, the worker can add a Certificate by clicking on the 'Take a Photo' Orange Button next to the Certificate they would like to add.

  • Worker Takes one or more photos of the Certifications they need to add. Once all the documents have been added, the worker clicks ‘Done’ to proceed.

  • Multiple photos added can be seen above the uploaded photos With the number as shown below. Click on the ‘Expires on’ Field to add an 'Expires On' date.

  • With the 'Expires On' information Added, you can Take additional Photos, Take Tests, or click 'Next' to proceed.

  • The 'Expires On' option will only show for a Certificate if the 'Track Expiration' option is Turned 'ON' when configuring a Certificate in Drive as shown below.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23