There is a new SAFETY™ Settings option in Project Settings called the 'Safety Onboarding Flyer'. The Safety Onboarding Flyer provides you with the Job Site tool to Efficiently manage Onboarding both New Workers and Visitors. Simply Click on the 'Safety Onboarding Flyer' to View and/or Print the Flyer.  


  • You can Print multiple Flyers out and showcase them at entry points across your Job Site.

  • Each Safety Onboarding Flyer contains a both a URL and a QR code, letting Workers and Visitors seamlessly  Register or Renew a Previous Registration for the Jobsite.

  • Scanning the QR code or following the Link will bring you to the Kiosk screen.  From here, New Workers or Visitors can Register or Log in to the Project.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23