Access and Manage the ‘Safety Policies’ via a ‘Web Based URL Link’ that is accessible through an ‘Email’ sent to user. ‘Safety Administrators’ have the option of sending a 'Manage Safety Policy' email notification to workers by clicking on the 'Resend the Safety Policies Link' in the ‘Safety Policies’ tab in ‘User Details’.

  •  ‘Safety Admin’ or ‘Admin’ clicks on the 'Resend the Safety Policies Link' button to resend the 'Manage Safety Policies' email to the selected User.


  • Clicking on 'Resend the Safety Policies Link' from the ‘Project Team > Safety Policies’ tab, will trigger a new notification for the User to 'Manage Safety Policies'.
  • Clicking on the 'View Safety Policies' link in the email, redirects the user to the 'Manage Safety Policies' URL page.

  • The 'Manage Safety Policies' URL page is the same landing page to the 'New/Updated Policies' email notification. User can download or print policies from the URL as shown in the image below.


Last Updated: Dec-10-23