Select language as a Label in Worker Onboarding

  • “Select Language” allows you to select the language from the dropdown menu.

Tablet screen

Functionality remains the same as the Desktop version.


Phone screen: 

Functionality remains same as desktop except for the label that changes to “Select language” from 'Language' in Landscape screen mode vs Portrait Mode.


Certification Step of Worker on-Boarding 

  • The “Upload file/ Take Photo” will allow you to Upload a File or Take a Photo .


Yes/No Toggle in Certifications

  • Each Certificate, has to be manually tapped on Yes or No. Selecting Yes/No does NOT enforce its required or not, Worker can still tap on Yes and not upload or can skip adding certifications all together at this time and click on Submit to complete on-boarding and upload at a later point.

  • If the Worker has all the certificates AVAILABLE at that time to upload, then click on Yes and upload the corresponding certificate. If the worker does not have a specific certificate to upload at that time, then set to No.
  • If the Worker without selecting Yes/No, directly uploads a Certificate, then the button is set to Yes by Default.

  • If the worker does not have a specific certificate to upload then the option has to be set to NO. Selecting No, will grey out the option of  “Upload file/ Take a photo” and the entire row.

Tablet screen:

The functionality/UI changes remains the same as Desktop. 

Certification Step on Phone

  • On Phone/Kiosk/Tablet, Tapping on a row that is disabled when set to NO, Show a toast, “Set it to Yes, if you are certified or have this qualification”.

  • On Desktop, Hover on Yes/No button will show a toast,  “Set it to Yes, if you are certified or have this qualification”.

Submit button at the last Step of Worker Onboarding

  • Upon reaching the last step (the Certification step in this example) in the 'Worker 'On boarding' Upon reaching the last step on Worker Onboarding, the NEXT button will change to the Submit button.

Phone screen:

Worker Registration Email  

  • Once the Worker Registration is complete, a 'Worker Registration' Email notification is triggered, as shown below with a Link and a Gentle Reminder.
  • The Gentle reminder section will also display all the 'Certificates' marked as YES by the worker during the certification step of Worker on-boarding.


SMS support for Worker Registration

  • Along with an email workers will also receive an SMS along with a short message. SMS is sent to the Phone number added during the initial step of Worker on-boarding as shown below.

Partially Registered status in the Project Team

  • Safety has a NEW status 'Partially Registered' in the project team .

  • If a Policy or Certification has NOT been fully agreed to or Certifications that a worker said as YES but has NOT been uploaded yet/Not Taken Test/, then the worker will now be under 'Partially Registered' safety status. 

Last Updated: Dec-10-23