The "manage company" aspect of the feature refers to the ability to manage various aspects of the company, such as employee onboarding, company policies, and company culture. It might also include features for managing employee information, such as contact information, job titles, and performance reviews.

Overall, a "team orientation - manage company" feature could be useful for companies looking to streamline their communication and collaboration processes and manage their workforce more effectively. However, the specific functionality of this feature will depend on the app or software in question, so it's important to carefully review and understand the specific features before using it to manage your team or company.

Team Orientation (Project Team) Changes:

Manage Company as a new toolbar option

Below are the changes in the Team Orientation (Project Team) page when logged in as a 'COMPANY MANAGER'

- New Toolbar Button 'Manage Company' - This will be available for Company Manager (Role) and admin users - It will open the 'Company Info' page of the company manager belongs to. (The functionality and security on the 'Company Info' page will remain the same as it is currently set for Company Manager. It is just another access point for Company Manager. to directly access the company the logged-in user belongs to)

- The 'Team Orientation' page grid is auto-filtered to the logged-in User company for the Company Manager (for other members - load all project members - existing functionality), Users can change or clear the filter to view other members (if required)

Trying to access Company B Info when logged in as Company A

-Logged in as a Company Manager, belonging to 'Company A' tries to edit a company member who does not belong to 'Company A', shows a friendly toast 'This worker is not part of your company, You can view/update workers' records that belong to your company

Last Updated: Dec-10-23