In the Project SAFETY™ Settings, with 'Safety Tracking' turned ON, the 'SOS Tracker' option will become enabled.  As a Safety Manager, you can create a Safety Bulletin that sends out an alert to selected groups or everyone.

Configuring SOS & Bulletin Notifications

  • To Configure Notifications for SOS & Bulletin, Click on the 'SOS Tracker' option as shown below.


  • In the 'SOS ' window, Toggle the 'All project Members' to ON for everyone on the Jobsite to receive the Safety Bulletin.

  • If you would like the SOS & Bulletin Events to go to a specific Role and Trade, check the Role and trade in the respective dropdown.


Sending an SOS

  • To Send an SOS,  from your Device,  navigate to User settings and click the 'Send SOS' option.  


Receiving an  SOS by Phone

  • This is an example of an 'SOS' received on a Mobile Device.  To see the location of the user that sent the SOS, click on the Blue Map Icon.  To close the SOS, click on the Orange Check.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23