Register as a Visitor at a Safesite™ if you have never Registered before.  You can access the Safesite website via the Safety Onboarding Flyer.   

  • To get started, scan the QR Code/Enter URL found on the Safety Onboarding Flyer.  



  • The links on the onboarding Flyer will bring up the Safesite™ portal on your Device. To proceed, click on the 'Visitor In' button. 



  • With your visit Pre-Scheduled,  click the yes button for 'Is your visit Pre-Scheduled?' then type in your Visitor Request Number you received from the person you are visiting. With your Visitor Request Number entered,  click the 'Next' button to Proceed.



  • Add Your Information If you haven't filled in your Personal Information and click the 'Next' Button.



  • Be sure to take a Badge Photo. If you need to Retake the Photo, click 'Retake Photo'.  When you are ready, click 'Next' to proceed.



  • Wait for your Sponsor With your Badge ready,  click 'Done' and wait for your Sponsor to Arrive.



Last Updated: Dec-10-23