How to Pay for Your Project?

The following payment methods are accepted to pay for your project:

  • Credit Card
  • Invoice Manager

Smartapp Supports Credit Card Payments and Invoice Payments. With these payments, occasionally payment related issues arise. Below are some answers to potential payment issues.

Why did my Credit Card Payment Fail?

If there is an issue with your credit card payment and the payment fails, we will attempt to rerun the credit card 3 times. You will be notified on each attempt.  If you receive a Payment Fail Notification, please check to make sure that your credit card has not expired or an error with the card itself.

You can edit your card details in the Manage Subscriptions section or My Profile Section.

Why is my Project Inactive?

If after multiple payment attempts, the payment does not get processed, the Status of your project will show as “Inactive: Payment Pending”. You will need to re-activate the subscription to get project members access to the project again.


Where can I manage My Invoices?

To manage and pay Invoices, click on the Invoice Manager in the Manage Subscription panel.

The invoice manager will show you the status of your Invoices. If they are Unpaid and you have a credit card on file, you can pay directly from the Invoice Manager.

Where can I update My Credit Card Information?

You can manage your Credit Card Information from the Manage Subscription Toolbar Option.

Simply click on Edit Card, Update your card information and Save your updates.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23